Do I have to pay to join the Great British Quilter? 

No!  The Great British Quilter is a wonderful community of quilters, designers, retailers and industry professionals, who all want to celebrate all things British and quilting - no cost involved! 

How can I connect with other Great British Quilters online? 

The best way to join the Great British Quilter Community is to join our private Facebook group.  Here you will be able to connect with other quilters, and share your own quilting journey.  

There is also an Instagram page @greatbritishquilter.  We have Instagram Challenges every so often with hundreds of quilters joining in.  Look up the hashtag #greatbritishquilter and you will find over 17,000 posts! 

How can I listen to the podcast? 

Visit our Podcast Page to listen to series 1 and series 2 of the Great British Quilter Podcast.  New episodes are added as they are broadcast.  

Will there be a sew-along? Do I have to sign up and pay? 

There will be sew-alongs each year.  Each quilter will be required to pay for the pattern.  Signing up will not be required.  The sew-along will take place either on Instagram or in the private Facebook group.