Meet Laura Cunningham of Sweet Cinnamon Roses

Indie designer Laura Cunningham of

Sweet Cinnamon Roses

chats about her new Aurifil thread box!



Congratulations on curating such a beautiful Aurifil thread box collection!  How did you go about putting it together?

Ahh thanks so much, Sarah. I am so glad you like the box! The intention behind it was to create one thread box to cover you for all Sweet Cinnamon Roses patterns. Bags and pouches as well as quilts. Aurifil 50wt for bag construction and quilt making - for all those seams you want to last but are hidden inside. Aurifil 28wt - making topstitching and machine quilting a feature of your project. And of course Aurifil 12wt for hand quilting and embroidery.  

One thread box to cover all patterns by Sweet Cinnamon Roses!



The colour palette is so pretty!  Hoe did you decide on the colours for the box?

Ohh, that’s an easy one. I literally picked the colours I use ALL THE TIME. Basics for Aurifil 50wt as they are mostly hidden inside a bag or quilt and gorgeous shades of Aurifil 28wt and 12wt for all your visible seams, making your project extra special.


You’re known for your gorgeous bag and small project patterns. How will you use your threads in your makes?

I already use them all the time as they are my most favourite weights and colours! Over the past 8 weeks I have re-created all my patterns, as part of an online event over on my website and social media, and every single project was made only using thread that was part of the new box. You really don’t need anything else anymore!



What is your all time favourite pattern that you’ve written? Which Aurifil threads did you use to create it?

My favourite one is the Glitta Pouch - it’s such a simple yet super fun pattern. And my kids looove it too. So it has to be the Glitta Pouch. You would only need Aurifil 50wt for construction and Aurifil 28wt for topstitching for that one… My most loved pattern by everyone out there has to be the Wee Braw Bag though - it’s super versatile and the perfect little project bag. And the best thing, you can use all three thread weights of the box to make one!




What do you love about Aurifil thread the most?


It never breaks on me, hardly tangles, little to no lint and the shades are just gorgeous. There is no better thread out there! And my Janome loves it too. Win win!!!


If you had to choose your ultimate favourite Aurifil thread, what would it be and what colour would you choose?

It has to be Aurifil 50wt in white - part of the box of course. If you could only buy one - that’s the one you have to have!


The Sweet Cinnamon Roses Loves Aurifil thread box collection is available now in the online shop.  Find out more about Laura and her journey into sewing in her podcast interview, and follow her on Instagram @sweetcinnamonroses.